BP3 announces BrazosOpen Beta Program

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Andrew Paier

BP3 is pleased to announce the beta availability of BrazosOpen for Activiti.

BrazosOpen brings the industry leading user experience technology of Brazos UI for IBM BPM to open source platforms such as Activiti and Camunda.? First announced at last year's bpmNEXT conference, BrazosOpen is the product of hard work and investment over the last year to deliver the very best technical solution to live up to the high standards set by the user experience of Brazos UI.

BrazosOpen is a responsive?and?extensible UI framework designed to bring a?single page application like experience to open source BPM platforms which traditionally have primitive forms or required the customer to create their own form rendering solution.

Screenshot 2015-03-06 17.17.44

Why is a engaging UI experience necessary?

Apart from the most trivial scenarios, user tasks typically require far more information than may be available in the process. This data may be sourced from within the company in the form of documents, wiki pages, internal databases or reporting systems. A user may need to access many pieces of data to?make an informed decision.

Generally, BPM task forms force users to access this data from other applications (swivel chair tasks), summarize and then fill in the BPM task form. Not only is this inefficient, but it introduces potential?errors.

BrazosOpen solves this problem by introducing script services that are bound to specific tasks. These services are simple groovy scripts, deployed with the process application and executed on specific events in the form. Events include page load, element selection, type-ahead, control-click or blur just to name a few. This allows supporting information, that may not be important in the context of the process, to be loaded to add color and detail for the user performing the task.

No longer does the user need to access other systems, instead, all the information required to complete the task is provided in the process form.

Screenshot 2015-03-06 17.34.10

In addition, we no longer carry unnecessary and duplicate data inside the process resulting in a cleaner and more efficient design.

BrazosOpen also introduces multi-page tasks (not simple tabs) and dialogues to properly compartmentalize a users work. This means form layout can be clean, usable and guide the user through the task with minimal training. The auto save features means there is no longer any fear of lost data if the task window is closed or closes unexpectedly.

And, thanks to the magic of Twitter Bootstrap, all UI forms are fully responsive meaning the same form can be used in your browser, tablet or other mobile device. Bring the work to the user rather than waiting for the user to get back to his or her desk.

Finally, BrazosOpen is fully compatible with Brazos Portal - and the two work seamlessly to provide a second-to-none user experience over out of the box BPM forms.

If you'd like to become part of the Brazos Open beta program, or would simply like a demonstration, sign up here.

[Editor's Note:? Greg Harley is BP3's Director of Open Source Software.? He leads our delivery and development teams for BPM leveraging Open Source Software solutions, where he has been responsible for building software and services to anchor an open source practice for BP3.? Our investments in the open source community have also improved our software and services offerings in the rest of our business, proving that there are synergies for commercially-driven companies operating in both worlds.]

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