BP3 & Student Loan Genius

  • June 14, 2016
  • Scott

Plansponsor.com has published a profile of BP3 and our Student Loan Repayment benefits.  It’s great coverage of the benefit that we provide to our employees via another Austin startup, Student Loan Genius

From the article:

SOLUTION: Two years ago, Francis heard about Student Loan Genius through Capital Factory, a seed-stage mentoring program for startups in Austin. When Student Loan Genius CEO Tony Aguilar reached out to Francis, he knew his company was ready for business.

Francis realized that not only would a student loan repayment benefit be a differentiating recruitment tool, but it also aligned with the company’s philosophy of showing it values its employees. With a repayment benefit, a company offers to help pay off part of its employees’ student debts.

“We value the education investment employees have made for themselves,” Francis says. “Salary signals value for employees, but the student loan repayment benefit would signal value in a more exclusive way. Plus, we want employees to be able to pay back their loans and to be responsible for paying down all their debts.”

Being invested in your team is important. Being invested in your team’s financial well-being, whether it be retirement or health insurance or student loans, is another level of caring.  And I love working with vendors like Student Loan Genius, of which I’m proud to say I’m an early customer.

I expect more companies will adopt student loan repayment benefits in the future.  Until then, if you’re a recent college graduate, look for companies like BP3!

There was only one thing that really surprised me about the article- apparently they commissioned an artistic rendering of one of my mugshots – and I’m simultaneously embarrassed and flattered!  I think the artist (Chris Buzelli) did a good job capturing my 5-o’clock shadow… people in the office have been joking about having a version blown up for the wall at the office…


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