BP3 and IBM: Cloud, BPM, and Bluemix Oh My

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Scott Francis

Nice article from Carolyn Rogers, capturing and interview and conversation we had at SXSW-interactive back in March 2015.?

We've been fans of Bluemix and not just because some of our old colleagues from Lombardi are heavily influencing the direction and design.? Bluemix Rules service and several other services feature prominently in our technology direction.

Back to the interview:

?A lot of folks are moving to cloud aggressively, but BPM is a tricky space to take to the cloud because a lot of the systems that we interface with are behind the firewall or have HIPAA compliance restraints or other regulatory constraints that make it difficult to just put everything in the cloud,? says Scott Francis, Founder & CTO of BP3.


Sometimes this means using a hybrid approach with both on- and off-premise infrastructure, and sometimes this even means, gasp!, running IBM BPM in other cloud providers. In the end, meeting the clients? specific business needs is the most important thing. ?IBM?s really covered the bases for our customers depending on their preferences,? says Francis.

I think this is historically one of the amazing things about IBM - that they would support customers on their own cloud infrastructure, Softlayer, but also on competitive services like Azure or AWS, to name two.? This isn't just with respect to the cloud - IBM has this culture of commercial, but open, software that has been really successful and has enabled a great ecosystem of talent and solutions to build around it.

My greatest fear as an IBM partner is that IBM could lose their religion on this front and start to close off the ecosystem from the great value of their products and infrastructure.? Their hybrid and welcoming strategy to all forms of infrastructure has served them well, but the financial markets are demanding results, which I always worry could result in hasty decisions with unintended consequences.

Carolyn also gives a shout-out to Neches Analysis:

In addition to teaming with IBM to bring new value to clients through the cloud, BP3 launched a product in February called Neches for Analysis. The tool, which runs on SoftLayer infrastructure and is available through the IBM Cloud Marketplace, analyzes BPM models and helps determine how complex the models are, and how difficult they?ll be to maintain, and whether you?re following best practices.

Neches is a great example of the partnership of a great partner in BP3, with IBM.? No other partner could have built this solution, and it wasn't (and isn't) on IBM's roadmap.? Neches is one of the key levers for building BPM programs at scale as it tackles best practices in a scale-able -way - perhaps one of the first tools to do so.

All of this has occurred against the backdrop of building a Great Place to Work, and fantastic growth for BP3:

?We grew 60% last year, for a software and services company that gets most of their money from subscriptions and services, that?s a pretty fantastic year,? say Francis, ?It?s not so much what?s different as doubling down on the bets we?ve made, with our IBM customer base, with our own customer base, and just really investing in the customer experience overall.?

And that culminated in our recent win as the 16th fastest growing company over $10M in revenue in the Austin Fast 50.

Interview at SXSW-i



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