BP3 All Hands 2012 Edition

  • September 10, 2012
  • Scott

I have to say I really appreciate the opportunity to get everyone at BP3 together in one place, at least once a year.  As much as we tout the virtual, home-office model of the modern world, people are social, physical creatures, and nothing fully replaces breaking bread together, and working in the same office.

Of course many of our employees do work from home, and do connect in other ways, and we do everything we can to make that the best experience we can.  But we’re building a company here, not just a number of billable hours and heads.  And the office provides that center of gravity that we need.  And so does the annual all-hands meeting.

One thing the all-hands meeting does every year, is reinforce what a great team we have to work with.  And it reinforces how far we’ve come – with twice as many people at this year’s meeting than last year’s – and a much bigger Austin contingent than in years’ past.

Like a lot of things we do as a company, or for our team, it isn’t cheap to do this meeting.  But I think it would be far more expensive not to, in the long run, for us and for our customers.  After all, we’re a team.

Really looking forward to what we’re going to do between now and next year’s all-hands meeting!

Side Note: The picture above was taken with an iPhone at our dinner/after-party, which we held at Lambert’s BBQ, in their upstairs room.  The food was excellent.  They were great hosts, as was the Stephen F. Austin hotel, which hosted our meetings during the day.



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