The Challenge: Deploying BPM in the Cloud

We’re all familiar with the challenges of managing enterprise software deployments. IBM BPM is far from the most difficult enterprise software to install, yet even so it is a challenge for customers to get up-and-running with on-premise software:

  • You have to know Websphere, Databases, IBM BPM, LDAP, and other IT
  • You have to get various CapEx approvals to acquire hardware
  • You need a specialist to come install your system
  • You hope they leave behind good docs and recipes…
  • You can’t decide whether to treat Process Center as a development or a production system.
  • It takes weeks to months to complete an installation.

It also can reduce your agility as you pursue process improvement efforts:

  • Installing development environments is expensive (see above)
  • Still have to acquire hardware resources
  • Testing hardware is often shared, and invalidates performance tests of any kind
  • Making backups is complicated by the interaction between software layers
  • Even installing a Process Designer can slow down ramping up new developers

And, let’s face it, upgrades are a challenge.

Now, Imagine if installation and configuration were easy

Installation and configuration management doesn’t have to be so difficult.

  • Installation, from a simple web-based management console.
  • Rent only the capacity you need for current requirements, scale on demand
  • Better than docs and recipes, you have a repeatable installation script
  • Process Center is as robust as a production system, still accessible to development staff via VPN/VPC.
  • It takes only hours to provision the installation.

Ease of installation improves Agility

  • Installing development environments is cheap
  • Installing temporary dedicated test environments is cheap, and easy via the management console
  • Installing Developer environments is easy (and cheap)
  • You don’t buy hardware
  • Backups are trivial: one-click. And automated (daily)
  • Your development team won’t fear making changes- because the system is robust

Upgrades are risk-free

  • Not only is it risk-free, because upgrades are tested and verified on a cloned environment
  • It is hassle-free because BP3 will do the upgrades for you

So How Do We Get There?

We do it with BP3 Cloud Deploy and BP3 Managed Services.
With BP3 Cloud Deploy:

  • Stop worrying about installation: Install and manage servers from a dashboard
  • Rent capacity in the cloud
  • Provision test environments on demand
  • Backups with ease
  • Increase capacity with ease
  • Use VPN/VPC to give easy, temporary, access to outside BPM experts

With BP3 Managed Services

  • Let us worry about all the configuration and installation expertise
  • BP3 will help customize your installation to your requirements – including LDAP, etc.
  • Let us script out upgrades for you and set them up for your team to verify in a test-bed environment.
  • Let us help you manage your BPM assets.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us:

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