Bosch and the MQ

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Scott Francis

Bosch software was kind enough to respond to a comment in my post from a few weeks ago, in which I stated:

It is interesting to see a ?big? company take an innovative approach to putting an offering together ? a combination of in-house development, acquisition, and creative partnering to put their iBPMS suite together.? (I thought big companies didn?t do that!) One wonders if they specifically targeted the Gartner MQ or if they were chasing a set of specific customer needs that led them in this direction.

They pointed me toward their Webinar, posted on YouTube, which explains why they think they were included on the MQ, and also makes the claim that they weren't pursuing the Gartner MQ, just chasing customer needs.

They have a 500 person organization pursuing what they see as the next wave of business services through 2020, and have acquired a few companies along the way: Innovations (rules), Inubit (BPM), and have focused on integrating them.? But the key differentiator between Bosch and other providers seems to be the concept of connecting directly with devices (the internet of things) - even devices you don't normally think of as internet-enabled.

The presentation is quite good - but also is 45 minutes-? so you need to break out the popcorn and sit back and watch.? I always find it interesting to see this kind of presentation from a vendor that I wasn't previously familiar with.? Lots of the same concepts seen through a slightly different lens.

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