BlueworksLive Updates - October and December

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Scott Francis

While no one was looking, IBM has continued to ratchet up the functionality available in BlueworksLive.? In the October 2012 release:

  • Improvements to navigating and filtering

Much better

  • The layout algorithm has been improved, with better support for parallel flows.? This is a big improvement over the prior behavior.
  • Cycle Time Calculations have been added.? Add work time and wait time manually.? Of course, I'd like to see this fed from the BPM performance data warehouse, but this is a step in the right direction.

In the December release, the biggest change was the addition of the "Viewer" capability - allowing us to add viewers who cannot edit or participate in the process.

But another, minor change was added - the ability to define what the colors used in a diagram mean (Color Legend).? Much more useful than just having colors, you can remind people what the colors were for, years later.

And my favorite addition: attached events!? This has been a sorely missing feature from Blueworks Live for years - partly because there was a concern at Lombardi that attached events were too complicated.? I think IBM has finally conceded that not having attached events caused more problems than it solved for process experts and process beginners alike.

Ah, yes, attached events!

Finally, Blueworks Live is now available in a whole set of new languages!? German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.? Not bad.

It's great to see IBM continuing with the release every 6-8 weeks, steadily improving on their cloud-offering for BPM.? Looking forward to taking advantage of some of these features!


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