Blueprint Kicks off #ibmimpact with a New Release

  • May 2, 2010
  • Scott

A tweet from Phil Gilbert hints that this may not be the only innovation surprise from the Lombardi team at IBM’s Impact conference this week, but for now we’ll have to settle for a teaser: an update to Blueprint, just in time for the IBM Impact conference.

The Blueprint team released an update to its collaborative modeling software on May 1.  The update includes a batch of process templates (no doubt leaning on some of IBMs templates) and process patterns.  The interface for browsing templates is attractive, giving you a graphical sense of the shape of the process, rather than just a description of it.  Clicking on any template brings up a more detailed view of the process diagram.  My first thought was that there are enough templates, we’ll need to be able to search them.  And then I noticed the search prompt in the upper right actually is labeled “Search Templates”.  Not bad.

The other important change is the addition of a REST API.  At first blush, this API should be pretty useful for pulling back information about processes in Blueprint.  I’m a big fan of exposing APIs because it gives practitioners supported ways to innovate on top of the platform.  And it is good for the software vendor because they can’t anticipate all the useful purposes their software might be put to if they enable others to build on it. The API seems like a great first step in letting people expose Blueprint data in other applications.

Just prior to the Blueprint release announcement, on Friday, IBM announced the new names for the Lombardi product lines:

Blueprint becomes:  IBM BPM Blueprint

Teamworks becomes: IBM Websphere Lombardi Edition

Now I just have to get used to saying the new names!

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