Best BBQ in the Country

  • October 2, 2012
  • Scott

Anthony Bourdain says that Austin has the best barbeque in the country.  Who am I to argue?

Yeah. I know. Bold words. Especially coming from a guy who has said many times that North Carolina whole hog style is his preferred last mouthful—and that Kansas City is the best all-around BBQ Center.
That was before. This is now.
I am reasonably sure—no…I’m damn sure—that I have NEVER tasted barbecue so perfect, so technically accomplished, conscientiously prepared, austerely seasoned (un****ed up), moist, juicy, tender, still shimmering with perfectly suspended internal fat as the beef brisket at Franklin BBQ and the beef ribs at JMueller. You can LOOK at this stuff and tell I ain’t lyin’. And I challenge you doubters to do just that.

Anthony’s show made an appearance at SXSW in 2012, as well as sampling the local BBQ joints.  Of course, there’s more to Austin than the food, as Anthony points out so eloquently:

Austin, Texas is one of those cities where any excuse to visit is a good one. Any time of year, there’s great music, an ever enlarging and ever more interesting restaurant scene. One of the best food truck environments in the country. Great bars. Nearby, there’s like lakes and nature and shit (so I’m told). You can buy yourself a pair of very nice cowboy boots. And they have the best barbeque in the country.

I can tell you that none of these things hurt when we’re recruiting people to come down and work at BP3.

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