Barriers to BPM: The Bowflex Coat Rack Effect

  • September 3, 2015
  • Scott

BarrierstoBPM[Second in a series on the Barriers to BPM, sharing our stories from the field and remedies]

Companies, like people, want a quick fix.  When we want to lose weight, we’d rather take a pill that promises a quick fit than to put in the hard work to lose the weight with exercise.  And when we want exercise, we buy a machine that we quickly lose interest in – and it becomes a coat rack instead of an exercise machine.  Companies want quick fixes to their process problems or opportunities.  But BPM is not a pill, it is exercise.

BPM, like an exercise regimen, requires discipline, and time-in, to really reap the rewards.  Like muscles, you have to exercise the better parts of your organization to make effective process improvements.  It isn’t the first month of exercise that really has the impact, it is the sticking-with-it-over-time that does the trick.  Similarly, with BPM, the first project isn’t the one with the major ROI benefit – it is version 2 of that process that really kicks in the ROI gains.  If you give up after version 1.0, you’re walking away from 80% of the eventual benefits of that BPM effort.

So don’t collect BPM tools like exercise equipment in your house, focus on that next version and the truly eye-popping ROI numbers you can put up for your business.


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