B(eer)PM: A Digital Transformation story in three Bs: BPM, Brazos, And Beer

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Scott Francis

Carlsberg is the best.? They're not just a great company, they're a great company to have as a customer.? And they have the best pictures of beer you could hope to find.? That doesn't hurt.? They love beer, they love the process behind beer, and they are laser focused on their customers.? Working with Kenneth and his team at Carlsberg has been a real pleasure over the years - their contributions to maturing our thoughts around Brazos have been too many to name - and Brazos is much better as a result.

But more importantly, Carlsberg was able to deliver a solution that put a mobile digital solution in the hands of their sales team and reduced errors by 90% (!) in a customer-facing process: the delivery of coolers to their most influential customers.? Like many business process transformations, this is another example where the return on investment is so high that some will doubt that it can be real. But I am here to tell you that it is all there for the taking for companies that choose to invest.

Check out the video below that IBM put together to commemorate a great success story- if you pay attention you'll spot a couple of Brazos screens and the Brazos Portal (instantly recognizable thanks to our patent-pending Task Drive):

I have to thank the team responsible for customer stories at IBM. They really did a fantastic job putting this together with Carlsberg and the BP3 team.? But they didn't stop at video, there's also a nice micro-site for the testimonial and case study - it is well worth the read!

Many companies have a hard time sharing their successes with the world - they worry about copy cats or being too honest about their previous short-comings - but I think what Carlsberg demonstrates is that there is nothing to lose by sharing success.? We hope to see this solution rolled out more widely at Carlsberg in the future!? Thank you to everyone at Carlsberg for sharing your story!

Maybe you're sitting at your desk thinking "sure they had this massive opportunity but I don't see it in my business." Or perhaps you're thinking that business processes don't impact customer experience (as I've heard often from cynical developers or business analysts).? If so, read on:

?When we started analyzing the problems and the time consumption on cooler orders, nobody in the organization had an idea how big the benefits would be. We knew it took some time, but everybody was surprised how much time it actually cost,? Mr. Lindegaard says. ?We?ve evolved from a resource-intensive and error-prone model into one that vastly improves customer service and that allows our consultants to spend much more time advising customers than performing administrative duties. In a competitive market, the better we are at advising the customer on what he should have on tap and how it should be positioned, the more he sells and the better supplier we are.?

It was an honor to be quoted for this study as well:

Accelerating this effort, the process managers and developers use the Brazos toolkit and Brazos Portal developed by BP3, an IBM Business Partner that operates in Denmark, the USA, and the UK. ?Carlsberg is under pressure to deliver a great user interface for their business users. But it?s not just about how the interface looks, it?s about how it behaves, how it either improves or impedes their productivity,? says Scott Francis, chief executive officer of BP3 Global.

As an IBM business partner, we are grateful that IBM builds platforms that are so open that we can dramatically enhance them with products like Brazos. We never take that openness for granted.

Props as well to our engineering and support teams - who have both contributed to this success in an out-sized way by creating the Brazos platform upon which this solution was built. Our team obsesses over customer success and production deployments, and I couldn't be more proud of each of them.

If you want to meet our team - come to our customer conference in August!

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