Austin Tech and Politics: Go Vote!

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Scott Francis

The Statesman recently covered Austin's tech community and our involvement in politics.?

The tech industry ? which employs more than 100,000 people in Central Texas ? is becoming more politically organized as a response to recent votes by the Austin City Council over stricter regulations for ride-hailing companies and short-term rental owners.

One of the challenges to tech mobilizing around issues is that many of the political issues that come onto the table find tech split.? For example, you'll find nearly 100% of Austin's tech community concerned with traffic in Austin - it can be terrible - but support for Prop 1 isn't as unanimous.? It will take the vote on Tuesday to find out where the tech community really stands on it.

You can see more about companies supporting the opportunity to vote in this election cycle here on BuiltInAustin.

The real benefit for Austin, long-term, would be an influence over local politics.? I think there are many issues where the tech community's involvement could improve the outcomes by contributing ideas and elbow grease to solve real problems or to tackle them from a different perspective.? But the first step is to be a more engaged community.? I think we're seeing that.

At BP3 we're encouraging everyone to vote, and they're all welcome to take time off from work to get it done.? This is our civic duty.? Its great to see the community more engaged already.



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