Austin Jobs Improve Again

  • May 27, 2015
  • Scott

Well, the good news keeps rolling in for Austin.  Despite blowing away the growth numbers of every other large-ish city in the United States, Austin also continues to fully employ its population – including newcomers.

Meanwhile, the most recently reported jobless rate is the lowest in 14 years: THREE PERCENT.

There’s no cliff in sight this time. In the decade or so since the tech bust hangover finally cleared, Austin diversified its economy and set off on a remarkable run of job and population growth.
Yet the memories linger. So while local workforce officials took time Friday to appreciate Austin’s good economic fortune, they also talked of unfinished business.
“We’re fortunate to be in this economy,” said Tiffany Daniels, head of community relations for Workforce Solutions Capital Area. “But because the (unemployment) numbers are so low … we sometimes forget the work we still have to do.”

I think the article hit it head on. Memories of the tech bust linger in the hearts and minds of those of us who lived through it.  It makes us more appreciative of what we have, and the diversity we currently are experiencing.

Employers here added about 9,500 jobs during April, the Workforce Commission said, and Central Texas employers have expanded payrolls 3.2 percent since April 2014. […] The typically high-wage professional, scientific and technical services sector, which includes many of Austin’s high-tech positions, added 1,200 jobs during the month, the commission said.

It’s great to see how Austin is growing and diversifying.  Being along for the ride, and even part of it, over the last 20 years has been very rewarding.



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