Austin: Home of the Breakfast Taco

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Scott Francis
Not joking about these tacos

Austin might be the live music capital of the world. But it is also the home of the breakfast taco.? Austin Eater recently published a great article on this staple of the Austin diet.

Taco makers and food experts alike concur that the breakfast taco?s origins lie in the kitchens of immigrant Mexican families living in Texas. Like rice and bread in Eastern and Western cultures respectively, the tortilla proved to be the foundation for much of Mexican cuisine, an ever-present edible utensil for those at the table to use when digging into their grub.

The article hits on a little bit of breakfast taco history, including mentions of popular taco establishments in Austin like Tamale House and Taco Deli. I have to admit I never had a breakfast taco before I moved to Austin.? And then it was a further eye opener that you weren't limited to just Tex Mex or Mexican restaurants for breakfast tacos.? You can find them at Whataburger and at BBQ joints like Rudy's (yes, breakfast tacos with brisket, or sausage, are also fantastic).?

It seemed like a good time to post this, given SXSW is coming up in a couple of weeks - if you're coming down to Austin, don't miss your chance for delicious breakfast tacos.? They're right up there with migas for "amazing breakfast food in Austin."

Now we just need a similarly well-written local article about Austin's hometown drink: the Mexican Martini.?

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