Austin Business Journal: BP3 is #11 in the Austin Fast 50 Under $10M

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Scott Francis

We're pleased to announce that BP3 placed #11 in the "Under $10M" category of the Austin Business Journal's 2011 Austin Fast 50 listing:

The Austin Business Journal honored the 50 fastest growing companies on Thursday at its annual Fast 50 awards ceremony at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center. The awards rank Austin-area companies based on compounded annual average sales growth over three years.

Numbers reflected calendar 2008, 2009, and 2010 performance - so the data is already a bit out of date!? Perhaps surprisingly, we're growing faster in 2011 than we have in previous years, due to the great environment for BPM consulting services, and hope to be back on the list next year as a result.? Quite an array of companies and industries are represented in the Fast 50 list - congrats to all the other small firms who made it - it is these fast-growing companies that are driving employment in Austin (all the little #'s add up).? Every year the ABJ honors the "Fast 50" - 25 fastest growing companies over $10M in revenue, and the 25 fastest growing companies under $10M in revenue.? There are restaurants,? consultancies, medical firms, financial firms, and real estate.? You name it.? For those of us in Tech, it is a good reminder that the main-street economy is alive and kicking.

The other interesting thing from our perspective: growing quickly just isn't part of our goal-set.? We're just trying to build the best team and capabilities in the BPM space, and provide great value for our customers.? If we can do that, then growth will likely follow as a side-effect.? I don't think there's a better way to do it a consulting business without taking outside capital.

Additional text in the print version of the article:

WHAT IT DOES: BP3 is a boutique business process management software consulting business.

HOW IT'S DIFFERENT:? Primarily, we differentiate ourselves with the quality of our expertise in the BPM space.? We're the most experienced IBM BPM consulting vendor, as a result of our deep ties to its predecessor, the Lombardi BPM product line, dating back to 2003.

KEYS TO GROWTH: The key to our growth is finding more great people to join our team.? Our business is a people business.? Beyond that, the foundation of our growth is that the BPM software market in general is growing.? And, specifically, IBM BPM is growing nicely.

BIGGEST CHALLENGES: Already in 2011, we've added six employees to our firm.? Our big challenge will be to support our great people.? When you're smaller, you can simply be a collection of amazing individual talent.? As we get bigger, to get the most out of this band of talent, we need to optimize our teamwork and organization.

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