Austin Airport Expansion(s) – Love it

  • October 2, 2018
  • Scott

If you travel as much as we do at BP3, you pay attention to travel news in your home airport (and likely, in some of your common destination airports as well!).  Austin has been working on a long-awaited expansion of 9 gates to the main terminal – which, by the time they’re completed this spring, it will leave the Austin airport only slightly under-sized to the current traffic load (capacity would be rated at about 15 million, and we’re already pushing over that number).

The Austin Business Journal got the memo about how important the airport is:

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is a critical piece of the region’s red-hot economy. It determines how easily executives can conduct business in other places around the world, as well as how many visitors our city can handle for major events like South by Southwest and the Formula One U.S. Grand Prix that generate millions of dollars.

Nine new gates, new retail, etc. are all good.  In fact, even in the existing terminal, Austin has been adding some great amenities:

  • Briggo Coffee
  • Second Bar + Kitchen
  • Peached Tortilla
  • Salt Lick (new and improved)
  • and other great local restaurants

It has been a significant upgrade to the dining experience at our fine airport.  And just as the expansion is finishing, there’s talk of the next expansion – a whole new South Terminal that will likely double the capacity of the airport:

“On the horizon is an even larger expansion project, including an entirely new south terminal connected to the Barbara Jordan Terminal by a long bridge — perhaps so long the airport may introduce moving sidewalks to its landscape.[…]

The expansion would boost ABIA’s capacity to about 31 million passengers a year, Hackett said. Austin’s airport has grown rapidly in recent years, doubling its number of nonstop domestic destinations from 2013 to 2018.”

I recently flew to Europe on the new non-stop flight that Norwegian is flying to London Gatwick.  It’s great to be back on a 787 Dreamliner, though I slightly preferred British Airways level of service when they were running a 787 on the route to London Heathrow.

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