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After reading through Phil Gilbert's CIO article and writing about it, what do I find via the magic of Google Reader, but an article that tells me that (potentially) all is not lost... (as if by magic)

In Dennis Byron's post on ebizQ, he recaps the latest Gartner release, its 2009 Executive Programs CIO survey.? In which, he points out that perhaps all is not lost.? The #1 business priority in the survey, for the 5th year in a row, is "Improving Business Process", and Business Intelligence is the top technology priority for another year.

The good news: these sound like good first-priorities.? The bad news: IT hasn't (quite) gotten on the bandwagon with Business Process being the top priority.? And after these first two, the lists diverge pretty alarmingly.? Why alarmingly?? Because the IT list doesn't appear to hew closely to the business needs.? The IT list doesn't appear to hew closely to business value.? I'd like to see IT listing Business Process Improvement as the first priority as well, and I'd like to see IT focusing on improving its own processes as well...

As Dennis notes at the end of his piece:

I think I have avoided the trap of saying business process management (BPM) is key to recovery from the current recession. It definitely will not be as long as CIOs think they can accomplish BPM with ERP and standalone BI.

I would say, BPM could be the key to recovery, but it is up to our CEO's and CIO's to get the train out of the station.

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