Are you Dave? #ibmimpact

  • April 28, 2014
  • Scott

Impact2014Business Partner day (yesterday) at IBM Impact was a success.  We had a good day attending sessions for partners and setting up our booth -capped off with a Solution Expo Center reception for IBM and Business Partners.  Sunday is a great day to catch up with all of the IBMers and Partners in the ecosystem.  And seeing our booth come to life was great. It was the first time we’ve put together a heavily branded booth of our own for a conference.  After a long, but good, day, we took a break for dinner and then walked down the hall toward the escalator, chatting about the day’s events. Someone jumped out of the restaurant and came over to us with a question: “Is one of you Dave?”

Well, no, we said, Dave is in Austin… He introduced himself as a customer of our BP Labs group – and he had spotted us by our awesome BP3 sweater vests.  He’s had such a good experience working with BP Labs and Dave, in particular, that he just wanted to meet someone from BP3, shake hands, and say thanks.  Of course, he would have been happier if one of us was Dave.  We explained that we couldn’t just unleash Dave Rosen on Impact!

So… we had a customer’s team member who’s never met us in person stop us in the hall (interrupting his dinner with friends).  I’m not surprised that he has received awesome service from our BP Labs team.  I’m not surprised that he’s happy about it.  But man, a moment like that is worth a lot – it means a lot – to us. It means we’re not just doing our job, we’re connecting with real people and making their lives better.  And it means we have evangelists not just customers.  If you engage our BP Labs team, we’re going to do our best to make you a fan, too.

Couldn’t be prouder of Dave, and of our BP Labs team.  This is why we’re in this business.

… but the sweater vests didn’t hurt…

It’s all about the people…



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