Apple picks up Siri

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Scott Francis

This hit the news this morning, that Apple acquired Siri.? We had the opportunity to see Siri compete in the startup accelerator competition at SXSW-interactive this year. Even at that time I was thinking how much better something like Siri would be if it was able to take advantage of a "service registry" or API registry within the iPhone App community - much like apps in Mac OSX can take advantage of the service registry there.? So an application could register to provide "table reservations" and Siri could farm out reservation requests to such applications (currently, it does this only with OpenTable). And integration to core applications within the iPhone would greatly improve the service (emails, calendar, etc).

So its a logical fit, and a good outcome for the Siri team.? But more than that, the Business Insider believes it is a shot across the bow at Google- because it may be what Search looks like on mobile devices.? Where it is less about "search" and more about "search as a preface to action". I think this is a great point, and a fantastic move by Apple.? I can definitely imagine them taking advantage of Siri functionality to make the Apps we already buy more useful on our phones.? And hopefully the Siri application itself will improve (more stable, better voice recognition, etc.).

Business Insider's original article here.

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