Apple Comes to Austin

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Scott Francis

Good update on the new Apple Campus in Austin:

Preliminary on the new 39-acre campus began in the last few weeks, according to Wired. The new facility will be an expansion of Apple's existing operations center in Austin, which employs about 3,500.

Over the next decade, Apple plans to add another 3,600 jobs to Austin, making it by far the single largest job creation from one project in Austin history. In return, Apple will receive more than $30 million in tax breaks. [...]

Apple will spend a total of $304 million on the Austin campus expansion. The project almost fell through in April when the iPhone maker ran into hiccups with local authorities in Travis County, but eventually the deal was finalized after Apple committed to an average salary of $35,000 for the bottom 10 percent of workers at the facility, and a minimum of $11-per-hour pay for contractors.

I guess when they say single largest job-creating project in Austin history, they're ignoring the growth of native Austin companies, like Dell, from local employment of zero up to a peak somewhere around 16,000.? But certainly from a perspective of "luring" an outside company to build this kind of facility, this is the record-breaker.

Apple has been good for Austin - because Samsung has invested billions of dollars here in their chip plants that apparently make A5 and other chips for Apple, not to mention the current 3500 non-retail employees of Apple that are based here.

Now it will really be a sea change if and when Apple employs more people in Central Texas than Dell...


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