Apple and Austin, Sitting in a Tree

  • September 14, 2015
  • Scott

courtesy Austin American-StatesmanLittle known outside of Austin, is the fact that Austin has become Apple’s second largest corporate location in the world, after Cupertino.  Apple has acquired a series of companies in Austin over the years (including some great chip design talent), but it has also gradually established and grown the Americas Operations center which supports the Western Hemisphere.  I imagine this is where business process, accounting, customer service, etc. are likely housed.  When I call into corporate services of various kinds, invariably it is someone based in Austin (which is great for me!).

A couple of articles recently called attention to the campus that is unfolding in North Austin.  First is an article in the Austin American-Statesman, written by Lori Hawkins (she gets all the good scoops!) and Shonda Novak.

“When the California-based technology giant completes the campus in 2016, it will include seven limestone-and-glass office buildings with a combined 1.1 million square feet of space with restaurants, smoothie and coffee bars along with a full-scale gym with two saunas and a spa-like wellness center with services including medical, dental and eye care, acupuncture and massage.”

Why Austin?

“Apple is the most successful high-tech company on the planet right now, and they’re choosing Austin,” said tech analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy. “The reason Apple picked Austin is that, by comparison to a lot of other cities, it offers a very educated workforce, it has a deep pool of high-tech talent, and it’s a draw for many employees around the country. Especially when you’re trying to attract millennials, Austin is a really good place to be.”

In the article, Lori states that Apple is going to get more involved in the community in Austin as well- which would be a welcome change to its quiet involvement to-date.  Apple has the chance to affect how companies approach things from benefits to time off to charitable gift matching.

With over 5000 local employees, Apple is catching up to the largest tech employers in Central Texas (including Dell, which is #1 with 14,000 employees).

Additional coverage on AppleInsider.

Courtesy, Austin American-Statesman


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