Another Take on Decision Management Systems

  • December 4, 2018
  • Scott

We deal with decision management systems all the time – and questions regarding whether a decision should be automated – or not!

So I got a kick out of this blog post by Jason Cohen of WP Engine on the idea of fast vs. slow decisions. The premise of the post is

“How do you know when your current decision should be made slowly: contemplative, collaborative, deliberate, data-driven, even agonizing?”

And then he proposes a scorecard that I think is brilliant:

  • Can’t undo
  • Huge effort
  • No compelling event
  • etc.

Basically, he provides a list of conditions with which a wrong decision could be very costly.  So take your time.  If you have a compelling event, then presumably “no decision” is, in and of itself a decision with its own costs and risks.


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