Another take on Day 2 of #IBMIMPACT

  • May 7, 2014
  • Scott

Impact2014Delaney Turner posted his take on Impact Day 2 to the IBM Impact blog.  Its a good summary of the day from his perspective, and he injects a little process into the discussion:

  • Process Optimization, made with Expertise: 35 percent of organizations say automation of key processes is the largest change for global integration.
  • Institutional Knowledge, made with Social: 43 percent more high-performing organizations are embracing internal social networks.
  • Culture, made with Design Thinking: 50 percent more high-performing organizations create a culture-driven enterprise that encourages innovation and change.
  • Technology, made with Cloud: 86 percent more higher-performing organizations are globally integrating information technology across their enterprise.

With all the focus on Social, Mobile, Cloud, and Big Data, it would be easy to forget that all of those things are a means to end.  The goal is a great business, which is comprised of great business processes and the people that deliver them.

He also covered Deep Elias’ session on Mobile Smarter Process (IBM’s new umbrella term for BPM and ODM):

Later in the day, IBM Product Manager for Business Process Manager Deepak Elias supplied the rationale and provided resources for adding a mobile dimension to BPM.

First, he cited a Forrester Research report projecting 8X growth in mobile process reinvention (to $7.6 billion) and 2X growth in mobile application development services (to $5.6 billion) by 2015.

With key emphasis on three patterns: customer engagement, workforce enablement, and ecosystem-driven processes (supplier and logistics management). Deepak cited benefits such as speed, quality, and cost, but you really want to separate quality of “product” from quality of “experience”, which is really what Deepak was getting at.

He included a photo from one slide in the deck:

But I would have focused, personally, on something else:


The slide above illustrates the mobile data points nicely. The one below shows what a great portal for Smarter Process would look like.  IMG_6169

And the next image shows Deepak Elias talking to this slide which shows off the Brazos PortalIMG_6170

Now of course, you have to correct for my obvious BP3-bias, but I think the Brazos Portal was the biggest news in mobile for Smarter Process this year, because it lowers the barriers to entry just that much more to make mobile BPM solutions easier, and also more attractive.


BP3’s Brazos Portal Trailer – Impact 2014





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