Another Sign that Austin Keeps Getting Better: Ramen

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Scott Francis

The fact that someone saw the need to put together a list of "top" Ramen places in Austin is, in and of itself, a breakthrough.

The more shocking thing is that they missed two:

  1. Musashino - a sushi bar near Far West and Mopac, Musashino serves Ramen during lunch that is incredibly good.? They also offer a variety with brisket rather than the more traditional meat options.
  2. Shabu - in particular I'm a fan of their "Street Ramen" with? spam, egg, and a lot of heat (spice).

But let's get to the list:

  • Ramen Tatsu-ya - basically single-handedly responsible for amping up the craze in Austin.? I'd like it even better if I could get in without standing in line behind a bunch of UT students!
  • Kom? - another great japanese restaurant with Ramen for lunch.? I haven't tried it yet myself.
  • Daruma Ramen - a newer place downtown, apparently affiliated with Kom?
  • Michi Ramen - one of my favorites because of the japanese ice cream and the fact that it is still possible to get in with < 30 minutes of wait time.
  • East Side King at Hole in the Wall - they have a great menu outside of the Ramen, but definitely don't skip the Ramen!

I'm a fan.? Now I'll really be impressed when we need a top 5 list for Dim Sum...

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