Another Great Year with BP3

  • January 5, 2017
  • Scott

2016 was good to BP3, and I have a lot to be thankful for as a result. BPM software and BPM engines are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and foundational to the IT landscape.  As I look forward, the future for BP3 and for BPM is more exciting than ever – but let’s take one blog post to look back at 2016 and enjoy it for a moment. 

We started the year by streamlining or organization at the top, as Lance handed the CEO baton to me and took over responsibilities for raising an investment round and running our board.  Lance led our company to over $19M in revenue, starting from zero when we first incorporated in a coffee shop.  You don’t fill shoes like those, you just try to step in, keep the momentum going, and be the best you can be.  It’s the biggest honor of my professional life to be the CEO and leader of this company in 2016 and beyond.

  • Forrester named BP3 a Leader in the Forrester Wave™: BPM Service Providers, Q4 2016.  The report is really well worth reading forresterwaveand reprints are available from BP3.  It’s a rare insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a significant BPM Pure play like BP3 alongside those of significant systems integrators in the report.
  • We again successfully doubled our revenue over a two-year period, something we’ve been able to do consistently for 10 calendar years now. 
  • And as a result, we posted our sixth consecutive appearance on the Austin Fast 50 Listthe longest active streak on the list!  What we might lack in triple digit growth rates we make up for in consistency and drive.10
  • Our culture continues to be both a defining and differentiating characteristic of our business.  Our customers consistently tell us that they work with us partly because of our culture – when you can combine innovation and commitment to successful outcomes, and caring about your customer’s business, you have a winning formula.  This year we appeared on the ABJ list as the #2 Medium sized company, on the Fortune Best Small & Medium Companies to Work for at #8, and on the Austin American-Statesman’s list as the #1 Small Company to work for in Austin
  • Our culture was a key asset in the acquisition of Teknovare – which expanded our ODM/Rules practice in North America; and of Futurum – which expanded our presence in Europe by bringimg_0103ing us into Denmark!   Neither company would have come to BP3 without our compelling culture – and we couldn’t have successfully integrated these great people without their own strong cultures matching well with ours.  It was really great to see our teams working this through over the course of the year! 
  • We also opened our first office in Holland and hired our first team member in Holland!
  • We turned 9 years old in 2016 – on our way to a full decade in business!
  • We raised our first investment round, $10M with Petra Capital.  This investment gives us more fuel to pursue our business objectives and to work closely with customers.  It isn’t an accident that our customers were willing to speak on our behalf in our announcement!
  • We managed to take another big step forward with BPMCAMP in 2016 – every year the content gets better.
  • Brazos 5 was released to our customers – establishing a new high water mark in development productivity, cross-platform support, cross-BPM engine support, and end-user usability and design. 
  • We once again set a new high water mark for processes delivered into production in 2016.  (and the corresponding new records in flights and hotel nights!).
  • We had our biggest internship program to-date – there are many BPM services companies now that are smaller than our internship program – and we hired some amazing college graduates as part of our graduate program. 
  • There were times this year when we were attending three conferences at once.
  • We also named two new outside directors to our board, which will have more to say about in 2017.

We also had great SWAG in 2016.  We’ll try to keep it up in 2017!

bp3 socksMost importantly, we’re pledging to stick to our core value propositions: value for our customers, a relentless focus on self-improvement, and innovating new ways to create value for our customers in 2017!

We have such an amazing team to take us forward into 2017 – I’m lucky to be here for this.  And if you’re our customer, you’re fortunate to be working with this team – this is the best team in the BPM business, and you won’t regret it for a moment.

Happy New Year!



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