Another BPM Acquisition: Pega buys Chordiant

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Scott Francis

Despite being at the SXSW-interactive conference in Austin the last 4 days, I did manage to see the news that Pega bought Chordiant.? Hopefully this is a good deal for Chordiant, its employees, and shareholders - I have a number of friends who worked for Chordiant over the years, and certainly hope this was a good event for them.

I think Theo Priestley had the most interesting take I've read on this so far - that this is about Pega getting into CRM with their BPM capabilities.? This mirrors a move that Intalio has been broadcasting in their own blog and website, and as Theo points out, is the converse of's addition of the Visual Process Designer to (of course, Sandy Kemsley points out that suddenly it is hard to find information on how the Visual Process Designer works... they took the video private for example ).

The world of BPM just keeps getting more interesting...

Update: Good write-up of the acquisition in "OnStrategies Perspectives" - first about Pega growing up, complimenting Pega on its vertical and template strategy, and the terms of the deal.

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