Announcing New Support Options for Brazos

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Today we're announcing support options for the Brazos UI Toolkit by BP3.? We think the approach to building UI for IBM BPM with Brazos really works well for us and for our customers.? In fact, it works so well that we wouldn't want any of our customers to have to deploy BPM with out it.

One of the big questions customers and partners, and IBMers have had for BP3 as we've introduced Brazos, is:? "How can I get official support for Brazos?"? They understand that IBM fully supports all the APIs and mechanisms that Brazos uses to integrate with IBM BPM - but for the additional code BP3 has delivered inside Brazos, what are the support options?

We're announcing four support options, effective immediately, to help customers protect and preserve their investments in great BPM user interfaces.

BP3 Brazos UI Toolkit Support Options

No support package.? You're kicking the tires - no problem!? The only requirement we have is that you agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA).? Take Brazos for a spin and see if it works for your organization.? You're welcome to download Brazos and use it, provided you register as a user and agree to the EULA. Join the mailing list and we'll be happy to email you when there is Brazos news to share.

Basic - Developer Support. You're an independent contractor looking to use Brazos on your projects.? This support level includes:

  • Receive all Brazos updates and releases via the mailing list
  • Submit bugs and enhancement requests directly to the Brazos development team via Jira.
  • Have access - through Jira - to see outstanding reported issues, requested features, and planned enhancements
  • Have access to forums.

Gold Support.? You're an IBM BPM customer, or a larger consulting firm.? You want more than the basics, you want a business relationship with BP3 and support for critical components of your go-live strategy for BPM.? You want committed dates for fixes or enhancements.? This support level includes:

  • Everything from the Developer Support package
  • Receive commitments for specific fixes - with planned release dates
  • Receive recommended workarounds or solutions for reported issues
  • Receive priority for your bug fixes over the enhancement list
  • Receive support across multiple versions of IBM BPM simultaneously

Platinum Support.? You're an IBM BPM Customer, and you want a business relationship with BP3 to support your critical BPM UI components.? You want to leverage something like Brazos, but you need customized controls for your use cases and priorities.? You want BP3 to build the controls for you, because you also want to benefit from all the community development going on.? With Platinum support, BP3 will maintain your own custom build of Brazos. This support level includes:

  • Everything from Developer Support.
  • Everything from Gold Support.
  • BP3 builds and maintains a custom build of Brazos toolkit for you - including custom Brazos controls built for your needs.
  • BP3 provides ongoing support and fixes for custom build of Brazos Toolkit
  • BP3 merges in desired elements from the main Brazos branch.

We want you to use Brazos.? And we want you to be successful with it and protect your investment.?? For pricing contact us at


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