Announcing Brazos UI, Public Release 3.6

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[Editor's Note: this release represents the culmination of so much customer feedback and field testing, it is hard to express in a blog post.? A significant improvement over the previous public release, really proud of the work our team has done on this.? BP3 has consistently led the way with the best user interfaces for BPM, and the Brazos UI Toolkit is a big part of it.? If you're using IBM BPM, you need to be using or evaluating Brazos UI. ]

BP3 Brazos UI v3.6.0, is now available for download! There are a ton of fixes and improvements in this release. Be sure to read the release notes since the last public release, 3.0.0, for all the details. Please contact us to discuss our Brazos support options which entitle you to more insight into the Brazos UI development schedule, access to interim releases, prioritized enhancement requests and bug fixes, and more.

Key improvements for this release include:


  • New Improved Table Coach View. This is the Table control that you have been waiting for! We've taken all the best features of the Data Table, improved those and made it fully editable.
  • Any control can be used as a column in the Table.
  • Data can be provided by local binding or AJAX services, and processing can be done server side for more flexibility and improved performance.
  • Flexible pagination, sorting, filtering and search capabilities.
  • Row selection capabilities via check boxes/radio buttons and/or using button controls.
  • Like all Brazos controls, the Table is built using a responsive UI so it's mobile ready out of the box, able adapt to any screen size. Responsive columns allow you to hide column based on screen size. Column visibility allows you to dynamically hide or display columns. You can also define the table width and individual column width to make it look great with any coach on any device.
  • You can trigger an AJAX service when you update, add, or delete a row.

  • With the introduction of a new Table control, the original Brazos Table has been deprecated. The old Table has been renamed to Table Deprecated, and will remain in Brazos until the next major release. You can easily migrate to the new Table control, and migration information is included in the Brazos UI Examples process app.
  • The Data Table Control has also been improved and matches the new functionality available in the Table Control. The Data Table and Table controls share the same basic code, but in order to maintain backwards compatibility and ease of use, the Data Table remains read only by default and the Table control is editable by default.
  • New responsive Image control with options to apply captions, size and shape configuration.
  • New Gauge chart control, great for displaying a value at a glance, perfect for charting your KPIs. The Gauge has features similar to the other Brazos Chart components, including the ability to display data from an AJAX service or local binding, fully responsive UI, interactive legends, and rich configuration options so you can display your data the way you want.
  • The Button control has gained some powerful new features including:
  • Client side validation to stop processing on errors.
  • Ability to return the Button Control ID so you know what button was pressed to generate the boundary event.
  • Row index or row object bindings when used in Tables or Data Tables.

  • The Modal control can now trigger boundary events on open, close or cancel.
  • The Output Text control now has enhanced formatting and options to prepend text such as currency symbols.
  • The Input controls now allow you to define a max length or max value configuration.
  • The Brazos UI Examples that ships with the Brazos UI toolkit has been updated with documentation and working examples to make acquainting yourself with the new controls and features quick and easy.

In addition, Brazos UI 3.6.0 has 38 bug fixes and several minor improvements. For full details of the changes in this release you can view the release notes.


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