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The release of Brazos UI 3.11 is timely this week - it coincides with two events with customers across two continents this week.? In both of these events, Brazos UI plays prominently.? Before we get to the details, I want to take a step back to appreciate the great work that Brazos UI represents.

Brazos UI is really transforming user interfaces for IBM BPM.? So why use Brazos UI rather than the out of the box user interface?

  • We're on a frequent release schedule.? Updates to our UI toolkit occur weekly.? A paying support customer who experiences an issue or needs an enhancement can expect to get that turned around remarkably quickly.? Brazos UI is not on an annual or semi-annual release schedule.
  • I have been told by customers that they are "embarrassed" by how much value they receive from Brazos UI for how much they've paid. The ability to quickly produce professional quality user interfaces that work across mobile and desktop form factors is a game changer for BPM.
  • Brazos UI already incorporates mainstream startup UI technologies that are widely supported by browsers:? Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJs, and others.? And it is positioned to adapt to whatever the next frameworks are that come along.? You can count on BP3 to adapt to Polymer or Dart or whatever the "next thing" is, when the time is right.
  • Brazos UI gives our customers a huge step up on UI development - it represents several person-years of development, refinement, optimization for performance, and enhancements based on our real-world feedback from projects.? If ever there was a product BP3 was born to write - it is the Brazos UI toolkit.
  • Brazos UI actually supports IE8 better than IBM BPM's out of the box toolkit, and better than any of the other toolkits I've seen to-date.

If you're wondering, wait, this is release 3.11, and the last one was 3.6... what happened to all the releases in between?? Well, quite simply, our paying customers receive access to all of the releases inbetween - 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10 - and even patches to those releases.? A Brazos support contract with BP3 represents a few things:

  1. An insurance policy - BP3 will stand behind our code, turn around fixes in record time, and help you when you hit road blocks.
  2. An investment in the future - your support dollars are spent on two things only: support of your usage of Brazos, and investment in the development of new features on Brazos.
  3. A commitment to always having access to the latest and greatest in user interface in BPM.
  4. An investment in a long-term relationship with the best BPM company in the market - BP3.
  5. Access to BP3's amazing Brazos Development team.? Our developers and consultants literally provide the support on Brazos.? The level of responsiveness and depth of support is unparalleled.
  6. Access to all Brazos release notes, planned fixes and enhancements
  7. Committed dates to your enhancements and fixes. And those dates will be reasonable dates, not 6 months or a year out.
  8. A much less expensive way to "hire" a UI development team.? If you don't use Brazos UI Toolkit, you'll need a couple of developers on staff full-time to develop your UI controls to use in your solutions.? And those developers will need to make sure that they are resolving issues across how many supported browsers or versions of IE?? And will they be familiar with how to make the controls support responsive UI's?
  9. Our customers estimate the net savings of a Brazos UI support contract in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Brazos UI is used in more than 50 production deployments.? As of August, it was registered to over 600 BPM developers.? It is by far the most widely used user interface solution for IBM BPM, and has been winning market share away from all other toolkits and approaches.? Now, on to the release details:

BP3 Brazos UI v3.11.0, is now available for download! This is a public release, available to all registered customers via our support site.

Key improvements for this release include:

  • New Attach File Coach View - The Brazos Attach File control allows you to integrate with either the IBM BPM internal repository or with an ECM server. The Attach File control includes a rich feature set including drag and drop file upload, document type and property features, and many other configurable options. See the release notes and the new File Attach example for more information.
  • With the introduction of the new Attach File control, the Brazos Doc Attach CMIS control has been deprecated. The old control will remain in Brazos until the next major release, but going forward you should use the new Attach File control, and begin migrating existing usage of the Doc Attach CMIS control.
  • Configuration documentation, naming, and placement on controls has been updated and improved to make all Brazos control more consistent and self documenting.
  • Performance has been improved on the Table, Data Table, and IE8 performance and memory utilization has been improved for all controls.
  • All coach views are now fully compatible with the 8.5.5 Client Side Human Services including the advanced preview WYSIWYG functionality.
  • A new configuration option has been added to the Date Time Picker to allow you to automatically close the date picker widget when a date is selected.

Brazos UI 3.11.0 has many other improvements and bug fixes. As always, you can find the full details about all of the enhancements and fixes in the release notes. Make sure you look at all the release notes since v3.6.0 to see everything new since the last public release.

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