Announcing: Brazos UI Enterprise 4.7.1

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David Bailie

[Note from Scott:? this is the best Brazos release yet, and in this post, David outlines all of the enhancements we're bringing to Brazos UI thanks to the collaboration of our many consultants, developers, support staff, and most of all, our customers.? We have a fantastic list of enhancements on the way as well.?

Brazos continues to be the gold standard for user interface in the BPM world, due?to continuous improvements as you can see below. If you're building user interfaces for your business processes, Brazos is the place to start. ]

Our BP Labs team has been working hard to bring the next version of Brazos to Interconnect 2016. You can get an update on all the new stuff, as well as the old, at our booth, #460, in the Solution Expo Hall.? Ask for a demo!

Enhancements in this release include:

  • New Map control that allows you to include a Google Map on your coach. This includes a wide variety of interactive and customizable configurations including:
  • Display a location at the given zoom level
  • Display the user's current location using Geolocation
  • Toggle between map types: Roadmap, Terrain, Satellite, Hybrid
  • Drag the center marker to update the bound location
  • Use Font Awesome icons for map markers
  • Display multiple markers on the map
  • and more...
map screenshot
  • Ribbon headers for Brazos UI Responsive Columns, for an alternate styling approach:
ribbon screenshot
  • Improved validation functionality including:
  • Consistent validation behavior for all controls
  • Modals will remain open upon validation errors
  • Ability to include a custom validation message in sections.
  • Sections, Modals, and Tabs with validation errors will maintain their red appearance until all errors inside them have been cleared.
  • New Slider control that allows user to change a numerical value or range via a graphical slider bar. Features include configuration options to:
  • Display tooltips representing the numerical position of the slider
  • Change the appearance of the slider handle
  • Set a minimum and/or maximum value
  • Set a step increment value
  • Fire a boundary event on value change
slider screenshot
  • Improvements to the Brazos Template that allow you to:
  • Set default label alignment, label width and number alignment at the template. This is helpful for setting branding defaults via a customized template.
  • Add an image to the Brazos Template header or footer allowing for fast and easy branding of your UI.
  • Users can now add an image via the Text Area rich text control.
  • Modal buttons can now be placed in-line with other buttons and modals can be automatically opened on page load.
  • Tabs now have a configuration option to show an outline around the tab content.
  • New Calendar Control that can be used to display events to users in a calendar layout.
calendar event screenshot
  • Select between year, month, week, and day views.
calendar month view screenshot
calendar week view screenshot
  • New Tree control that will display hierarchical data in an expandable tree structure.
  • Append icons to the node names.
  • Search through the nodes in the tree to highlight and automatically expand nodes with build in search capabilities.
  • Expand the tree to a specified level programmatically.
  • Select nodes in the tree and fire boundary events on selection.
tree screenshot
  • Many improvements to the Editable Table control including:
  • When a user adds a row to a table, the first control in the new row takes focus automatically.
  • Numerous improvements to editable tables using scrolling pagination that resolve formatting and functional issues.
  • A new Incident Report demo in the Brazos UI Examples shows off the Map, Calendar, Signature Pad, Cards, and Image controls in a full featured demo coach.



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