Announcing #Brazos Portal 1.13.1

Post by
David Bailie

[Note from Scott:? this is the best Brazos Portal release yet, and in this post, David outlines all of the enhancements we?re bringing to Brazos Portal thanks to the collaboration of our many consultants, developers, support staff, and most of all, our customers.? We have a fantastic list of enhancements on the way as well.?

Brazos Portal continues to be the gold standard for custom process portals in the BPM world, due to continuous improvements as you can see below. If you want your users to have a great experience with their process work, Brazos Portal is a good place to start.]

Our BP Labs team have been working hard to bring the next version of Brazos Portal to Interconnect 2016. You can get an update on all the new features, at our booth, #460, in the Solution Expo Hall.? Ask for a demo!

Enhancements in this release include:

  • Filters for Views and Task Groups can use variables as placeholders for filter values so you can include dynamic data in your filters, such as: today's date and the currently logged in user id. For additional information see Using Variable Substitution for Filter Values.
  • Filters for Views and Task Groups support logical OR as well as AND operations. For additional information see Configuring AND and OR Task Filters in Brazos Portal.
  • Admin console improvements including:
  • Admin users can set a period of time (in days) after which completed tasks will no longer be displayed to users in Brazos Portal. The default for this setting is 30 days, so by default Brazos Portal will only display users the past 30 days of closed tasks. If you would like to use a different value, you can manually adjust this setting via the admin screen.
  • Brazos Portal admin users can dynamically change the log level for Brazos Portal via the admin screen.
  • Consolidation of screens, improved css styling, and improved button interactions.
  • Database changes required for upgrades and installs are now automatically managed by the Brazos Portal application. This allows for much simpler installation and upgrades, including skip level upgrades for future releases.
  • Date formats in Brazos Portal are now based on the user's locale.
  • Column widths in Task Groups now automatically size to best fit the content contained in the column.
  • New optional customization to disable user's personal "My View". This results in users only having access to shared views.
  • New optional customization that disables the ability for user to reassign tasks back to a team or directly to another authorized user.
  • Text values that are truncated due to being too big for a field now have tool tip that allows the user to see the full text on hover.

In addition, our team implemented performance tuning and bug fixers for our customers in this release.? Keep an eye out for the next release of Brazos Portal, which will include additional capabilities thanks to the latest version of IBM BPM 8.5.7.

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