Announcing Brazos Portal 1.0: Available for Download

  • July 21, 2014
  • David

UPDATE: if you’ve pre-registered or previously registered for Brazos Portal, you can always get the latest and greatest by following this link, and without re-registering.

We’re proud to announce Brazos Portal 1.0 for IBM BPM is now available for release.  As first demonstrated at IBM BPM in April, Brazos Portal represents the cumulative experience of our BPM professionals, distilled into a new product offering from BP3.  Our BP Labs team has been hard at work building Brazos in 2014, and we’ll be hard at work for many more months refining and improving it in subsequent releases.

Brazos Portal Free Edition is available to all IBM BPM licensees from 8.0.1 and above. Access is granted via registration here. A summary page with informative links here, for registered users.

Official release notes can be found here, highlights below:

  • An interactive Brazos Portal Demo and Tour is now available.
  • Designed to be a great user experience on smart phones, tablets, and PC browsers, via responsive HTML design
  • The TaskDrive™ control, which makes navigating work entertaining as well as easy.
  • Quick filtering based on TaskDrive™ or search text
  • The ability to customize groups of tasks as a user prefers
  • Optimized network bandwidth usage using Server Send Events and local storage.
  • Tolerance for network instability and notifications for network interruptions
  • Great performance against large task data sets
  • A user experience that is complementary with Brazos UI Toolkit.

We are releasing Brazos portal with two known issues which we intend to resolve in a near-future point-release.


BP3 Internal
Tracking Number
Defect Description
DE150 Brazos Portal does not show any tasks when communicating via a proxy that does not support Server Send Events (SSE). This issue has been seen on the WAS proxy with default settings. BP3 is working on a resolution to this issue, but in the mean time you can work around this by accessing the WAS server directly by specifying the server port.
US449 On BPM 8.5+, BPM_WORK is shown as a dashboard you can launch. This is the My Work tab in the stock BPM Portal. A feature will be added to the Brazos Portal in a future release to allow this and other dashboards to be hidden without impacting the stock OOTB portal.

Following is the list of resolved issues for GA.  If you’re familiar with our Brazos UI Toolkit, you’re familiar with our transparent approach of publishing release notes with every version to communicate what’s been addressed and to communicate the sense of progress.


BP3 Internal
Tracking Number
Defect/Feature Description
US267 As a someone interested in the Brazos Portal, I would like the ability to try it out without having to download or install anything. Visit our interactive Brazos Portal Demo and Tour to give it a spin with nothing to download or install.
US327 As an administrator I need to install the Brazos Portal using an Oracle database
US350 As a portal user, I need my client to automatically reestablish its connection to the server after network errors
US359 As a portal user I would like to be able to sort by column within a group
US362 As a person supporting the portal I would like be able to dynamically update the logging level so I can more easily troubleshoot problems
US435 As a Portal User I would like browser notifications for when I receive new tasks
DE38 User are not notified of failures that occur on the server side that might impact the client
DE39 If previously exposed business data used in a group is unexposed, the user/client is not notified and updates from the server will halt
DE50 On medium and small screens the “i” button to open task details is not always right aligned
DE52 If the Brazos Portal UI looses its connection to the server the user is not notified
DE59 Text in the Search box overlaps with the Task Drive text when you hover over the task drive rings
DE65 ”The task you tried to start has been closed by another activity. Press ‘Close’ to close this window and return to the task list.” is shown when a process is launched and the user is not the owner of the first task.
DE68 Group label over 35 characters and Group task count overlap on small screens
DE71 Task due date should reflect date and time that the task is due
DE72 Phone screen in portrait mode only – Search text does not display what is being typed
DE73 You are unable to select and copy from the help screen
DE89 On small mobile screens in portrait orientation, it’s difficult to tell that a group has no tasks
DE97, DE106, DE125 Improved user experience on mobile touch screen devices
DE104 The name of services/processes/dashboards to launch does not differentiate between multiple active snapshots
DE151 BigDecimal conversion error occurs for tasks with large IDs


Supported Browsers:

  • Firefox (latest ESR release recommended)
  • Chrome (latest version recommended)
  • IE10+ (IE11+ recommended)

Supported BPM Versions:

  • BPM and above

Supported Databases:

  • DB2
  • Oracle



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