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Scott Francis

James Lawther guest-posts on Gary Comerford's Process Cafe Blog, and it is a piece we can really relate to at BP3:

In the beginning all businesses start out as small businesses.? They start with one, two or at most a handful of employees with a vision to give customers something new and different, or just better.? They then focus like crazy on those illusive customers, doing everything that they can to find and please them.
And then the company grows.

At BP3, we're growing.? The trick, as they say, is not to lose that focus on the customer as the company grows.? Lawther's advice?? "It is remarkably simple.? Get your business to re-focus on the customer and optimise around them not their functions.? And that is all business process management asks you to do."

Even better - don't lose that focus to begin with.? Easier said than done!

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