Alfresco's Activiti BPM Year in Review

  • January 14, 2015
  • Scott

Paul Holmes-Higgin has posted a nice review of Alfresco’s efforts with Activiti on the Alfresco blog.

First, some history:

Alfresco shook the BPM trees five years ago when it first brought the jBPM team in to build a new open source business process engine. We’ve started shaking trees again and something big is going to emerge from the BPM forest in 2015.

So, what was different about this past year? When we started Activiti it was because we couldn’t find another open source BPM engine to replace jBPM that was powering the workflow in Alfresco’s ECM product. We were having performance and scaling issues but the jBPM project was too restricted by its legacy and an unwillingness by RedHat to open it up to wider contribution. The result was that the jBPM team came to join us at Alfresco, and we invested in building out Activiti leveraging the expertise and learnings from 4 generations of jBPM. Alfresco had workflow for our content management engine, but didn’t want to get into the pure-play BPM business. That’s what changed this last year.

This was big news when it happened and we’ve been following Activiti ever since.  Open Source BPM has always held promise and in particular at the engine level.  In the past year, Alfresco changed their spots with respect to BPM, and decided they wanted to get into pure play BPM as well as ECM with workflow.  Paul touts their product roadmap progress, customer wins, and a look to the future.

We’re proud of our partnership with the Activiti team and Alfresco. We’ve built one of the largest Activiti implementations in the world, and we’re excited about what 2015 will hold.  Looking forward to more happy customer deployments in 2015!  And looking forward to more support for Activiti with Brazos this year, stay tuned.

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