Alberto Manuel's "BPM Blogs Worth Reading"

  • January 18, 2017
  • Scott

Adobe Spark-20Alberto Manuel has once again published his BPM Blogs worth reading list.  But I’ll be honest, this list is more of a business transformation or Digital Transformation list of blogs.  And that’s why it is such an intriguing list.

BPM is at another turning point or pivot point – where the technologies and strategies that are relevant to our businesses – and in BP3’s case, our customers – are shifting.  BPM has adapted to several shifts in the past:

  • the move from client-server to web-based enterprise applications (remember when that was a thing?)
  • the move from windows-based to Java-based server-side applications
  • the move from hand-coding work flows to BPEL and other standard language formats ultimately based on XML.
  • the move from BPEL to BPMN as the standard for representing business processes. 
  • the widespread adoption of adaptive or agile components typically thought of as case management
  • the adoption of cloud infrastructure for deployment and scale
  • the adoption of mobile technology – there were no iPhones in the early 2000’s…

BPM will continue to ride these waves. But the waves are new, different, and open up new opportunities for all of us.  Now we’re onboarding the impact of machine learning, cognitive computing, data science, blockchain, new kinds of automation, and new platforms and systems of record.  It’s a new world.

Not to mention new regulatory context in Europe and the US. 

Add those blogs to your reading list to get a sense of what’s coming as it comes.




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