Advice for Scaling RPA

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Scott Francis

Ran across this blog from March on the topic of how companies scale their RPA environment.? I thought the topic was going to? be more about topologies and strategies at the level of getting it done, but it is more like a warmed over messaging from a BPM vendor about how to get the organization aligned:

  1. Have the right vision
  2. Enlist the right people
  3. Don't neglect to be human

We've always needed to do these three things when contemplating major software initiatives: where haven't we asked or hoped for C-suite engagement and sponsorship.

So let me not just complain about someone else's list, but instead offer some tips to scale your Robotics efforts:

  1. Create a repeatable system for finding the next automation opportunity with enough ROI (read: value) to do.? This is like "Next best action" but it is "next best value proposition for automation".
  2. Create a repeatable way to on board more talent to implement RPA style automations.? This could take the form of a training boot camp and hiring approach, or an outside consultancy, or both.
  3. Invest in a team to manage your infrastructure of bots and bot runners.? Treat RPA as if it was AWS? - you still need your a team to manage the production systems.? Alternately, and easier: outsource this function to someone who already has a scale operation.
  4. Create career wins for everyone who adopts RPA successfully in your organization
  5. The automations need to be consumable and drive better employee satisfaction to avoid employees rejecting the robotics automation.

If you do these things, you'll scale that Robotics experience, and you'll get the value you're looking to achieve.

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