Adam Deane Declares War (humor alert)

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Scott Francis

Adam Deane declares war against ECM in a humorous post titled "BPM and ECM - The War Begins".

Despite the humorous tone of the post, it is still worth reading if you get down to some of the nuts and bolts at the end:

Case Management
[... ]
We will redefine case management to deal with individual instances of the process.

Well, this might be a reference to a post of ours about BPM and CM / ACM.? But, to be clear, I am *not* "defining" CM (or ACM) in that post.? I'm not defining BPM either.? What I was attempting to do was explain philosophical differences in point of view - which is separate from the definition of something.? For example:? Snow is snow.? But to a bird in flight and to a mammal on the ground, the implications of "snow" are totally different.? And no, I'm not going to try to compare BPM and CM to birds and mammals explicitly!? Just pointing out that perspective or philosophy can help explain differences in opinion about how to do something, or differences in opinion about the goals of doing the same thing the same way.

Food for thought.

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