Activiti Takes Center Stage at Alfresco Summit 2014

  • September 29, 2014
  • Greg

If anyone had any question about Alfresco’s commitment to Activiti BPM, their concerns should have been well and truly quelled Wednesday when Thomas DeMeo, Alfresco’s VP of Product Management introduced Activiti Enterprise during the opening morning keynote as…

“the smart BPM engine powering Intelligent apps”

It could be argued in fact that Activiti Enterprise got equal billing with AlfrescoOne 5.0, Alfresco’s flagship ECM product. After introducing some of the excellent features of the latest AlfrescoOne release, including a completely new Microsoft Office and Outlook integration, new encryption at rest and improved document search and filter, Thomas introduced Paul Holmes Higgins – General Manager of Activiti Product to go over the features of the new Activiti Enterprise release.

It’s pretty clear that the Activiti team at Alfresco have been very busy. After a somewhat “soft” initial announcement of Activiti Enterprise some 3 months ago which included little more than the core engine and a new cloud based process authoring environment, Alfresco jumped out of the blocks this week with a set of features for Activiti Enterprise that truly positions it as a “player” in the BPM space.

New Features include:

  • Process Applications
  • Simple Process Authoring (for lightweight processes)
  • Management Console for clustered Deployments
  • MS Office integration for tasks
  • A new (simpler) process portal for users

Paul Holmes Higgins also noted the pending release of mobile applications on iOS and Android.

All of the new features are initially available in the Alfresco Activiti Cloud with on premise available in “a few weeks”.

This is all very exciting and nicely timed to coincide with BP3’s release of “Brazos for Activiti” which we also announced at Alfresco Summit 2014.

Brazos for Activiti provides the same game changing task drive based user portal that has been  so successful in the IBM ecosystem and makes it available over Activiti. The feature set is nearly identical and brings a powerful, customizable user experience to the Activiti environment.

Find more details of Brazos for Activiti here:

Along with being featured in the opening keynote, Activiti was highlighted in a number of breakouts including a case study presentation of BP3’s Activiti implementation with Fico’s Model Central 5 product.

All very positive and yet another strong indicator that Activiti is gaining significant  traction in the BPM Suite market.



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