Activiti 5

  • December 21, 2010
  • Scott

This isn’t a review of Activiti 5, per se – I haven’t had time to play with it enough to render a review.  This is a bit like my previous post on the subject, where I had time to download, install, and build an example.  Just like last time, I was happy with how easy the process was to download, install, and run on my Mac OSX laptop.

Tom Baeyens announced Activiti 5’s GA, and I have to hand it to the team for meeting their aggressive goal of releasing before the end of 2010!

Moreover, Joram announced the introduction of a feature to “generate” the BPMN diagrams (based on the diagram interchange specification), as of Activiti 5.1.

It is quite an impressive feat of community building and momentum – including the Activiti Cycle module that I’ve been reading about on Camunda’s blog posts. Clearly Activiti has raised the bar for BPM on open source, liberal license, open development community.  While Activiti has a way to go to reach the same level of maturity as some other BPM offerings, it already has a lot to offer for someone who wants to both develop a BPM solution and contribute to a fairly interesting entrant in the BPM space.

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