• October 4, 2012
  • Scott

Always Be Recruiting.

It is that time of year for college recruiting to ramp up again.  Of course we’re looking for great people all year long, but college recruiting is unique in that it has this distinct start-and-stop every year, giving you chance to reflect when the season is over, and a chance to get geared up again when it starts in the fall.

I have to admit to feeling a bit of sense of full-circle in going to an institution that my grandfather attended something like 90 years ago.  He was a top-notch engineer of his generation.  And it is really heartening to see how an engineering school can adapt and modernize their education curriculum.  Universities have been under attack from a lot of circles but for those that attend engineering programs, those schools are still doing a top-notch job of educating.

Talking to the students who are graduating, it is hard not to feel that the world is in good hands.  The next generation of graduates is very well-prepared for the real world, full of energy and perspective about what they can do to make their own dent in the universe. I love the energy on campus and the aspiration in everyone’s eyes.  We’re looking forward to finding a 2012-2013 class of recruits to come to BP3 and help us build the next year’s worth of innovations in BPM.

Two years ago we made a commitment to get into college recruiting and college internships.  Internally, we discussed at the time that this was a long-term commitment – something we had to follow through on year-after-year to really reap the rewards of a college hiring strategy.  Each step is small, but we started with one summer internship… which led to 4 internships and a full-time hire the following year.  Here we are beginning year 3 of our effort, and looking forward to every minute of it.

Thanks to the whole BP3 team for supporting our efforts, and especially to the couple of folks who made the extra effort for interviews today and tomorrow!

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