Above Avalon: Apple Ecosystem Growth Accelerating

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Scott Francis

I was surprised by the premise and headline on this article from Above Avalon: "Apple's Ecosystem Growth is Accelerating" because, like most, my assumption was that with relatively flatter revenue growth that accelerating might be the wrong word to use, even if we can agree it is growing somewhat.

He makes the case with a few charts, first one showing uninspiring revenue growth (although we all know there are inspiring profits underneath that), and then by separating revenue in to iPhone vs. not-iPhone to make his point: 

And his argument: that Apple is bringing in new customers (with products like iPhone SE), and selling more to existing customers - wearables, services, iPads, Macs. And the fact that for Apple Watch 75% are purchasing one for the first time represents ecosystem expansion. For iPads and Macs that number is about 50%, also representing ecosystem expansion.

I recommend reading the whole thing - it really is a great analysis. For my own part, I try to relate it to what we're building at BP3 - under that top line number, we're growing our business by creating more value for our clients with RPA and AI, and with Intelligent Automation solutions. These areas are growth areas for us and are changing the nature of our business and the work we do with our clients. It's an exciting process to be a part of, even while our process work remains a source of foundational strength for our business, and informs everything we do with other technologies.

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