A Year in Review (BP3 and BPM)

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Scott Francis

It has been a banner year for BP3 - we grew over 25% year-over-year and finished the year strong - our last three months were our best months of the whole year.? January and February look to be more of the same, or better. But growth isn't how we're measuring ourselves - its the side effect of what we're really proud of: great project execution, happy customers, successful customers.? And on that basis, we're very proud of our performance in 2012.


We also made some important investments in 2012 to prepare for the future.? The result was a set of firsts for BP3 in 2012:

  • We were a exhibit sponsor at IBM Impact for the first time.
  • We had our first real intern program this year.
  • We did our first real round of college recruiting!
  • We implemented the very first IBM BPM version 8 deployment - performed by BP3 right here in Austin, Texas, at the Texas Education Agency. This wasn't just the first by BP3 - it was the first one in production anywhere.
  • Not to stop there with firsts for our team... 2012 was also the year when we ran our first playback entirely from an iPad.? And the first time we ran a playback using an iPad, an iPhone, and a laptop.
  • BP3 also sold our first re-sale of IBM BPM in 2012.? It was a real collaboration with IBM and the customer to arrive at a solution that made sense, and a great example of what good reselling would look like.? We've influenced a lot of deals over the years, but 2012 was the first year when we officially were a re-seller for IBM (or any BPM firm).
  • We hired our first sales person in 2012.? As founders, Lance and I, and Flournoy, always have sales in mind, but it was time to have someone on our team who really lives, eats, and breathes sales - and adding Jerod to the mix has been fantastic for BP3.

We also launched new offerings in 2012:

  • BP Mobility - a better way to build mobile apps for IBM BPM.
  • BP Deploy - a better way to deploy IBM BPM in a cloud infrastructure.
  • BP Labs - our innovation hub and the team responsible for providing subscription support service to our customers.
  • BP Strategy - BP Strategy could literally change the way our customers look at process.

But like any good business, there are a few things we liked so much the first time, that we did them again in 2012:

  • We continued to hire the best team in the business.? 14 new employees agreed to join the BP3 team this year.? We also expanded our relationships with partners in the US and Europe to help with bigger BPM initiatives.
  • We continued to expand our office in Austin - adding another 2400 sqft to attain 5600 total.
  • We had our second annual all-hands meeting this year - even better than last year!
  • We showed up in the Austin Fast 50 again - this time at number 8 on the list!
  • We kept deploying important projects for customers - and delighting customers is our whole business, so this is, perhaps, most important of all.
  • We have kept up with our great employee benefits - paying the entire health insurance premium, 401k matching, LTD and Life Insurance, and a generous vacation policy.

We're looking forward to a 2013 that looks even brighter than 2012 did.? The future of process and business is very bright.? The economy has steadily improved through 2012, and 2013 looks to be more of the same.

2013 seems like a good time to ask a few questions:

  • How do you want to improve your business?
  • How do you want to align strategy and process execution?
  • How do you want to improve your BPM delivery efforts?


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