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Scott Francis

Happy New Year!

It was another good year for our blog and readership numbers and subscribers are up once again.? I hope that is a reflection of our doing a good job of sharing our point of view about process and business, and where they intersect.

One of the themes on our blog has been to try to cross-pollinate by learning from examples across different industries, startups, and educators and look at their impact on process-thinking (or, conversely, the impact of process-thinking on them).

This is reflected in two of our most-read stories:

  • Apple and Business Process Management - not only our most popular blog post for the year, but for the entire life of the blog! Interestingly, if you read this post from 2009 today, it reasonably predicts that iPod Touches would start to come in a range of colors, for example.
  • The Solid Watch - A post about the solid watch, a very interesting Kickstarter project.? And what I love about all Kickstarter projects is the promise of transparency of the product development process.

But three of our top stories were about Gartner's Magic Quadrant, which reflects that there is still a strong interest in what the analysts have to say - even if the readers of those analysts disagree with their findings.

And yet another top-read post was about the very first IBM BPM version 8 deployment - performed by BP3 right here in Austin, Texas, at the Texas Education Agency.

So what topics should we hit on in the new year? We're open to suggestions - and of course we have some of our own ideas- there will be more posts on strategy and process, for example, and we'll keep updating you on BP3 and BPM along the way.



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