A Year in BPM Blogging, 2014

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Scott Francis

Again our Blog had a good year.? Page Views per month were sitting at around 9,000 at the end of 2013... But by the end of 2014, page views were in the 13,000 to 14,000 range. Interest in Brazos and other BPM topics is driving a lot of traffic to our blog and our site.

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So what were the most popular posts of 2014?

Other posts of note:


We posted a lot about Brazos UI, Brazos Charts, and Brazos Portal. These three products really change the face of user interface for BPM, and we're not done yet.? We're seeing a bifurcation of projects - successful projects are largely using Brazos UI.? Those that aren't using Brazos UI are often unsuccessful. When you have technology that means the difference between success and failure, you want to tell everyone about it.? It is now the de facto standard for UI for IBM BPM - at this point over 900 registered developers and well over 60 documented live deployments.? Expect more of the same in 2015!

We also wrote a lot about customer experience. These posts don't tick off buzzwords that drive pageviews outside the BPM community the way that Apple posts do, and they don't generate controversy.? Our competitors often tell us that they don't buy it- they don't believe that we're different.? But what we tell our new customers is - give us a BPM project- and you can experience the BP3 Difference.? Our current customers already tell us they love the experience working with us.? On more than one occasion, a customer has told me that they aren't paying us enough.? I want all of them to feel that strongly about the value we're bringing to the table.

Apple.? Yep, it is still an interesting lens for business, mobile, design, and business process management. When it made sense, I was still writing about Apple in 2014.? Odds are, the occasion will arise in 2015 as well.

Posts about how we think about running our business don't often show up in the "top x" lists, but we'll keep writing them.? Part of a great customer experience is sharing more than just the X's and O's, but the Y's - as in why we do the things we do, why we care, and why we're so passionate about BPM.? I think our customers? and partners want to understand how we think, and the blog is a great way to share that.

BPM died again in 2014, or hadn't you heard?... These posts, collectively, would have been in the top 5 by traffic.

Happy New Year!





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