A Year in BPM Blogging, 2013

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Scott Francis

We had quite a year in BPM, and a great year for our blog.? It has been a while since we reported on the state of the blog here at BP3, but end of year is a great time to do it.? We started the year with average page views in the 3500-4000 range, but we are finishing the year consistently averaging around 9000 page views.? Interest in BPM is up.

Our most popular posts in 2013:

  • Apple and Business Process Management - this oldie but goodie from 2009 has had staying power, and is consistently one of the top-read posts on our blog every month.
  • Brazos for Activiti - A lot of interest from the Activiti BPM community in our demonstration of Brazos running on Activiti.? We intend to follow-up with a beta release of our work in 2014!
  • Apple and Market Segmentation - this one shot right up the charts despite being published near the end of the year.? There's a large appetite for Apple-related posts even when they aren't link-bait.
  • Phil Gilbert on IBM's Design Thinking - This post discussing Phil Gilbert's design-thinking mission at IBM was widely read both in- and out-side of IBM.
  • BP3's Brazos UI: Mobile BPM. Made Easy. - One of the introductory posts for Brazos, this one resonated particularly well during IBM Impact.
  • Is BPM Dead? Appian Says No. - It is probably a good sign for Appian that a post about them on our blog shows in our top-ten page views.
  • An In-Depth Review of Blueworks Live - despite being a post from 2011, the interest in BlueworksLive continues to be strong and persistent.
  • Reactions to the new Gartner iBPMS Magic Quadrant, part 1 ... and part 2? - interestingly, these two are together in the rankings, but there was a little Gartner fatigue for part 3...
  • BPM for Star Wars - why shouldn't this be in the top 10!
  • The Zero Code Hypothesis - Sounds like a Tom Clancy novel, but it is actually a discussion of the promise of zero code, versus the promise of just creating great development tools.

Emerging interests from looking at the popularity on our Blog:

  • Apple.? These posts are relevant for a long time when they're not just about the latest news cycle.
  • Brazos.? Clearly there's a market need for our Brazos UI toolkit, and now that it has crossed the bridge from need to deployment, we're seeing a lot of return visitors to Brazos posts.
  • Activiti.? There's a lot of interest in what we're up to within the Activiti community - whether that is Brazos for Activiti or Support for Activiti.
  • BPM isn't Dead. Enough said.
  • Design matters.? Several of the posts on the top ten could be boiled down to design-thinking discussions.

Finally, note that, once again, despite several posts on the subject, no ACM-related posts cracked the top ten, though a critical piece, the Myth of Micromanaging (with BPM) was #14. The next one is so far down the list it is out of the top 50.? Of course, our blog doesn't focus on ACM, but I think this captures pretty well the relative market interest.

Our traffic comes primarily from organic Search on Google, but the second biggest referrer (at about 20% as much traffic) is Twitter, then LinkedIn in third.? Activiti.org and Joram Barrez are fourth and fifth, respectively!

One of the exciting developments toward the end of 2013 is an uptick in guest-posts on the blog that I hope will turn into regular contributions from other members of our team.? They have great perspective and information to share with our readership community and I'm looking forward to sharing more often.

Happy New Year!





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