A Warm Welcome in the Nordics

  • June 13, 2016
  • Scott

IMG_0942When people in the past asked me about the value of culture, I likely would have said that good culture was important for any of the following reasons:

  • it makes it a better place to work
  • it makes it easier to recruit and retain talent
  • it makes it easier to provide a great customer experience and great customer outcomes
  • it makes it easier to build great products

But I’ve learned over the past 18 months that it has an additional value. It makes it possible to acquire like-minded companies that feel the draw of building on something bigger. 

I’ve always thought it would be rare to find another company that feels like a kindred spirit to our own.  At BP3, we’ve been lucky enough to have it happen three times now.  First, with our UK team, second, with Teknovare, and now with Futurum IT.  And I believe we owe it primarily to BP3’s culture – because that has been the primary attraction for the teams to come over in each case. 

We have known Annette and Bent of Futurum for about a year now.  As partners, we found the collaboration with Annette and Bent was first rate.  But we both felt that there was more value to unlock by working more closely together and aligning our interests. 

We spent the time between Interconnect and last week putting together the terms to bring our two companies together into the BP3 Nordics entity, with a goal of serving the Nordic region.  Annette and Bent really appreciated our strong and consistent culture – the more people they met the more they realized how consistent we are.  I think Annette herself summed it up very well in her post on LinkedIn:

Futurum IT has worked with BP3 over the last year and we felt that there was a very good match between our corporate strategy and approach to the market. A synergy we want to be able to utilize to a much greater extent than is possible today. We have therefore chosen to go along with BP3 Global and created BP3 Nordics, who will be responsible for disseminating BP3 services in the Nordic countries.

Annette and Bent have a mission of bringing the transformational power of BPM to the Danish and Nordic markets, and we couldn’t have picked a better team to rely on.  Their deep industry and consulting experience are a great asset to BP3 as we grow in the Nordics and in Europe. 

In my last trip to Europe, I visited Copenhagen for a meeting with Carlsberg and Futurum and a set of C-level executives from Copenhagen. I came away convinced that we could do business together – and Annette and Bent shared my conviction.  I couldn’t be more proud to have them on our team, and we’re looking forward to a great future together in the Nordics.  I’m already looking forward to my next trip!





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