A Short Hiatus, and Some iPhone 4 Thoughts

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Scott Francis

We had a brief hiatus while I was out for a few much-needed vacation days.? At my highschool reunion this past weekend, I took note of the phones in evidence - almost every one I saw was a blackberry or an iPhone (noteworthy: everyone who had a blackberry said it was company issued, or they'd have an iPhone).? I didn't see any Android phones - but maybe I did and just didn't recognize them as such.? Apparently, however, there are 160,000 getting activated every day (I'm wondering where they are... I still don't see them yet, but I don't doubt Google is reporting accurate numbers). I also had a great brunch with my parents and a number of their friends near their home in Florida.? It turns out that of the 9 people there, 7 had iPhones.? Not the demographic I would have expected to adopt iPhones, but last year my parents got each other iPhones for Christmas.

Tomorrow, a significant percentage of BP3 is heading to an Apple Store of their choosing to pick up an iPhone 4.? My friends are a little surprised - although I'm somewhat of an early adopter on technology, I detest standing in line today for what I could buy easily another day with no wait.? I also hate to buy things the moment they come out because if there are any hitches, you don't know what they are yet.? Finally, I hate to pay the early adopter premium.? But tomorrow I'm breaking these rules for a few reasons... First, I'm standing in line because I didn't see the home-delivery option when I pre-ordered (maybe I didn't see it or maybe I ordered too late on Day 1 to see that option?).? I'm buying early because Apple has earned my trust with the iPhone 3G (and 3GS, and iPod Touch... and several MacBook Pros).? Finally, the pricing doesn't penalize the buyer for early adopter status.? So I'll be there bright and early in the morning for my iPhone 4 pickup, and I'm looking forward to the Retina Display and other fun new bells and whistles.

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