A Process Improvement Case Study: BP3 All-Hands Meeting

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Scott Francis

Seriously? 106?!

We have a process improvement case study.?? Someone scheduled our all-hands meeting for BP3 in the midst of a heat wave that has set records all year long in Austin, TX.

A quick analysis was performed - corrections for the next process run were clear - schedule later in the year (October), pick a different location (Minnesota for example).? But the real question is how to fix the immediate process failure.? Sure the meeting itself was in the air conditioned confines of the fabulous Stephen F. Austin... but outside was an oven.

Not to worry.? Process improvement yielded a sure-fire way to cool down, with a low probability of failure:

Lake Austin to the Rescue

Sure, not everyone jumped in the lake, but many of us embraced this process improvement with gusto, as you can see.

If the lake didn't work, we could call in reinforcements.

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