A Process for Teaching Entrepreneurship?

  • April 8, 2010
  • Scott

Steve Blank’s blog has a series of posts regarding the entrepreneurship courses he and his colleagues are teaching at Stanford and Berkeley.  The thing that jumped out at me is that it sure reads like there is a process for teaching entrepreneurship.

Maybe that shouldn’t be surprising.  But it was already eye-opening for me to read the process-oriented approach Steve advocates for developing your business model (aka “Customer Development” , good read on wikipedia by the way), and a process for product development that is highly complementary to this (Lean Startup, advocated by Eric Ries among others).  But it looks like Steve is cracking the code for how to teach entrepreneurship.  Of course, proof will be how well the entrepreneurs who take his classes perform relative to peers who do not attend these classes, and how many other entrepreneurs adopt the techniques Steve is advocating because they’ve heard about them from his students or writings.

Til then, we can apply our own subjective judgment to assess.  So far so good.

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