A New Update to Blueprint

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Scott Francis

Lombardi just announced the latest release of Blueprint, their SaaS process mapping / documentation software.? I just read through their announcement, and logged in to check out some of the features for myself. The attachments work just as described in the video included in their announcement.? Pretty easy to do, and they stay "in context" in your process, which is also nice. The password management is a good feature for those who have group accounts, and its one of those "of course" features once you see it (as in, of course we should have this!).? However, what I really want to see is still a better way for two licensed blueprint users to share content, and possibly revoke that access later.? This would allow, for example, a customer to add a consultant to their blueprint access list for a period of time, and then remove them when the project is over.? Or vice versa - I might want to share a process template in Blueprint but then revoke access later. Unfortunately, this kind of cross-account sharing needs to be fine-grained, I'll want to pick-and-choose which processes are being shared, rather than having an all-or-nothing approach (or just the nothing approach for now!). Still, as they say in the announcement, the next release is 6 weeks or so away, so maybe next time! There's a forum in which you can suggest and discuss features, but I can't make out from looking at it which features are being planned next, and I don't see a mechanism for voting features up or down the priority list except in free-hand text commentary. Lately the theme has clearly been around more robust documentation.? I wonder if attention is starting to turn to user administration, or what the next direction might be. Note:? We previously did a review of Lombardi Blueprint here, and if you want to see all of our posts related to blueprint, this link should do the trick.

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